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Light globes and tubes

Mercury is the most toxic pollution after radioactive substances on the EPA's list of industrial pollutions. It is a very potent neurotic harmful to humans, it is essential that it does not enter our precious environment.

The largest source of mercury pollution entering our landfills is from the dumping of mercury containing fluorescent tubes and HID lamps. Australian's consume 50 to 60 million fluorescent tubes and HID lamps every year, less that 1% are recycled, the balance going to landfill sites across Australia. The majority of the world has recognized the danger of this practice, all environmental education centre countries, America, Japan and New Zealand and many Asian nations have legislated to ban mercury containing lamps from landfills.

What can we do?

Central Coast Council

Central Coast Council has implemented a free recycling program for residents to bring in their unwanted household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9V, Button), compact fluorescent light globes and fluorescent tubes to collection points around the Central Coast.

Batteries and fluorescent lights contain harmful elements such as mercury, alkaline and lead acid, which can cause major environmental hazards and can also pose health risks if they end up in landfills.

For more information about recycling, visit the Cleanaway website.

SUEZ Central Coast Resource Recovery Centre

Suez service centres are at the core of our day-to-day collection operations.  These sites provide crucial infrastructure for the management and supervision of our collection operations including administration, maintenance, container storage and preparation, vehicle wash down and refuelling facilities.

Some SUEZ service centres also provide fundamental recycling activities such as paper & cardboard baling or act as a transition point for other recyclable materials.

For more information on the Central Coast service centre and its collection and recycling services please call 13 13 35 or visit the Suez website.

Lighting recycling

SUEZ's national light collection and recycling service provides businesses with a safe and efficient way of disposing of used fluorescent tubes, HID, CFL light globes and LED lights.  Consisting of methods such as:

  • SUEZ being the first waste company in Australia to offer a recycling program for LED lights. For more information about recycling, visit the Suez websites light recycling page.
  • If you have a small number, save them for the council's toxic waste pick up which occurs twice yearly in the Central Coast. make sure that they are taken to the toxic waste section at your local tip.