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Paper and cardboard

Every tonne of recycled paper saves almost 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100kw of electricity, 4 cubic metres of landfills and 31,780 litres of water.

What can we do?

Introduce recycling system for paper and cardboard    

Paper can be recycled using a 240L co-mingled bin such as paper in one compartment and recyclable containers in the other as per the residential system. These bins are available from Councils at about $65 per 240L bin (July 2010) Gosford council schools should contact Trudy Hurley on Tel: 4325 8817 and Email: , while Wyong Council schools should contact Ian Collier on Tel: 4350555.

3mcage for paper and cardboard only cost $24 per service + $21.66 bin (for rental call Tel: 43363158). A 3m3 skip bin costs $59.40 to empty +$10.83 rental while the same size for paper is $24 + $21.60 rental per month. You may also:

  • provide paper bins in the photocopy room, office and classrooms 
  • arrange for cleaning staff to empty paper bins into recycling bins 
  • introduce double-sided photocopying 
  • avoid photocopying extras for each class 
  • use 1 worksheet between two students where possible 
  • collect worksheets and reuse at another time (consider laminating worksheets) 
  • use homework books rather than worksheets 
  • keep a box in the classroom for an unwanted paper to be reused for craft (an example being paper mache) as scrap paper or turned into notepads. 
  • keep a box in duplicating room to collect used copying and printing paper for reuse as scrap, note, drawing or draft paper.
  • shredded paper can be used in the school compost bins or worm farm
  • Somersby Public School environment group used old newspapers and a parents' brick press to make 'paper bricks'. These could be sold to families as fire starters.

Phone books recycling

  • these can be recycled in household co-mingled bins however they should be cut down the spine into 4 smaller booklets. This allows them to be processed more efficiently at the recycling plant.
  • establish a system for collecting cardboard boxes from deliveries to office and canteen. Boxes that can't be re-used can be flattened for recycling.
  • the price of placing paper straight into large dump bins is higher than the recycling service.

Purchase recycled paper products

  • become a member of Schools Recycling All Paper (SCRAP). They provide a large range of environmentally friendly paper products and advice to school on other environmental issues. Discounts and special 'green buys' are available for members. for more information contact Peter Carroll on Tel: 02 982510625.