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Holgate Public School

Holgate Public School have been working with the Wiping Out Waste Team and introduced measures to reduce their waste to landfill and increase resource recovery.

Open the powerpoint link below to find out more.

Holgate P.S Waste Case Study


Other Projects

Wildlife corridor

In 2008 Holgate P.S began planting a wildlife corridor. The corridor is is a thick line of native vegetation that allows animals to safely travel from one habitat to another. In the Holgate area this means animals can travel safely to and from Katandra Reserve.

Each student from the school planted a tree or shrub on National Tree. Some of the plants used were 'Bushtucker' so the students could also learn about Aboriginal Culture.

In 2010 the students leaders created even more habitat areas as part of their Leadership Forum Environmental Project. In 2017 the area is still being maintained with new signage and further plantings. The corridor has also reduced mowing and maintenance time.

Rainforest garden

The rainforest garden is ideally located at the bottom of the hill under a canopy of established trees. Previous classes have been busy designing interpretative signs to provide a better understanding of the gardens features. These include facts on some of the native plants and uses of local timbers.

Frog pond

The frog pond was a Year 6 project. Students were involved in designing and constructing the pond. A hole was dug, lined with cement and edged with large sandstone rocks (cement and rocks were donated to the school). The edges of the pond were also planted with water reeds to provide protection for the frogs. Water to top up the pond is provided from a nearby water tank.

Song Writing

A song was also written with a video clip on waste that was shown to the whole school. The song won a 'Highly Commended' prize a the council environment awards 2016. The end result was 75% reduction in waste found in the playground.


If you would like to find out more contact Amy Ball (Assistant Principal) Holgate Public School.