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Tacoma Public School

Tacoma Public School is a dynamic well-resourced school located above the banks of the Wyong River.

Our aim is to teach students about the life cycle of plants, vegetables and herbs. Students have an active role in planting seeds, watering seedlings and harvesting fresh produce. This produce is then used in the school canteen for student lunches or can be purchased on Friday afternoons after the whole school assembly. We believe teaching students about sustainable healthy eating will allow students to understand how it helps our emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

The Green Team helps to care for the garden and was created to establish welcoming and inclusive partnerships with students, parents and the wider community. The Green Team is for all students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. We meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes for half an hour. Each session students learn life skills and concepts first-hand, through real-life experiences.

To see photos of Tacoma's Green World or to get involved please take a look at Tacoma Public School's website.

A special thanks to teacher Jackson Farquhar for the article.