Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre

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Early Stage 1

Our environmental centre offers programs for Early Stage 1 students to better familiarise them with the environment. 

Bush Picnic: Early Stage 1 Geography/Science program

Program overview

This program is specially designed for kindergarteners. It is held at Girrakool Picnic Area. It encourages curiosity and engagement with nature through games, observation and sensory awareness.

Students will participate in a variety of fun games and senses activities that will enhance their understanding of the needs of living things and how to care for the environment. They will use all of their five senses in a bushwalk through Brisbane Water National Park, discovering the sounds of birds and waterfalls, the scents and colours of wildflowers, and the touch of soft cool moss and hard coarse sandstone.

Students will explore the basic needs of living things and also enjoy a bush picnic with their favourite soft toy animal.

Download the Early Stage 1 Bush Picnic brochure for more information on the program.