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Primary scope and sequence

Our centre helps schools to create guides to develop Kindergarten to Year 6 fieldwork scopes and sequences.

Planned scopes and sequences of fieldwork activities will help to ensure that excursions are relevant and that students experience a variety of excursion venues.

Even with a plan, keeping track of who went where and did what is made difficult when school organisation changes from one year to the next depending on school population and the mix of a single year and composite classes. If in doubt contact Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre and we will check our records.

The following is just one example of a scope and sequence of fieldwork based on the Guide to Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre programs, provided on the next pages. It may suit a primary school with composite classes running different excursions in odd and even years.

Download the 2019 primary brochure (PDF 1382KB) for more information.