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Field guide list

Our environmental educational centre provides written sources of reference for students and members of the community to access, to be better aware of their surrounding, flora and fauna (plants and animals) that they may come across when exploring within nature.


Kingsford, R. 1991 Australian Waterbirds: A Field Guide, Kangaroo Press Pty Ltd, Kenthurst Notes: Waterbirds: useful and light-weight guide for work in creeks and swamps, easy to use, with description, distribution, habitat, colour photographs.

Morcombe, M. 2000 A Field Guide to Australian Birds. Steve Parish Publications, Archerfield, Qld

Schodde R. & Tideman S. 1990 Reader's Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds Reader's Digest, Sydney

Simpson, K. and Day, N. 1996 Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, A book of Identification 5th  edition, Penguin Books, Ringwood Notes: Use for identification and the attached handbook is useful for beginners.

Slater, P., Slater, P. and Slater, R. 1996 The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, Weldon, Sydney

The G Pizzey & Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, Harper Collins Publishing.


Fisher, R. 1995 A Field Guide to Australian Butterflies, Surrey Beatty & Sons, Chipping Norton, NSW

Harvey, M.S. and Yen, A.L. 1989 Worms to Wasps, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Hawking, J.H. & Smith, F.J. 1997 Colour Guide to Invertebrates of Australian Inland Waters , CRC for freshwater Ecology, Murray- Darling Freshwater Research Centre

Simon-Brunet, B. 1996 Spiderwatch: A Guide to Australian Spiders, Reed Books, Port Melbourne

Moulds, M. S. 1990 Australian Cicadas, UNSW Press, Kensington

New, T.R. 1996 Name that Insect: A guide to the insects of South-Eastern Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Zborowski, P and Storey, R. A Field Guide to Insects in Australia, Reed Books, Port Melbourne


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Cronin, L. 1989 Key Guide to Australian Ferns, Palms and Allies, Reed Books, Sydney

Debenham C. The Language of Botany The Society for Growing Australian Plants

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C.D. ROM Fungimap 1.1 Sep 2001 Royal Botanic Gardens. Melbourne.

Reptiles and frogs

Barker, J.T., Grigg, G. and Tyler, M. 1995 A Field Guide to Australian Frogs, Surrey Beatty & Sons Pty Ltd. Notes: Illustrates and describes the frogs of Australia, covers all of the 200 or so frog species found in Australia. Descriptions, photographs, distributions. Line drawings of anatomical details.

Cogger, H.G. 1996 Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, Reed Books, 22 Salmon St, Port Melbourne 3207

Griffiths, K. 1997 Frogs and Reptiles of the Sydney Region, University of NSW Press, PO Box 1,Kensington, 2033 Notes: For identification for the Sydney region, especially for beginners.

Hoser R.T.T 1989 Australian Reptiles and Frogs. Pierson & Co. Mosman

Swan, G. 1990 A Field Guide to the Snakes and Lizards of New South Wales, A Three Sisters Publication, PO Box 104, Winmalee, NSW, 2777 Notes: A pocket sized guide containing descriptions and studio photographs of all the species. A list of references but no key.

Frog calls

CD Frogs of SE Australia

Grigg, G.C. and Barker, J. 1973 Frog Calls of south-Eastern Australia, University of Queensland Nature Sound CDs Note: Has a great range

Fish and other marine life

Allen, S.R., Midgley, S.H. & Allen, M. Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia Western Australian Museum CSIRO Publishing

Davey, K. A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia New Holland Publishers

Hutchins, B. & Swainston, R. 1986 Sea Fishes of Southern Australia Swainston Publishing Perth

Kuiter, R. 2000 Coastal Fishes of S.E. Australia Publisher Gary Allen Smithfield

Seasonal approach

Blay, J. 1994. The Australian Native Plant Gardener's Almanac, Southwood Press, Marrickville

Edmanson, Jane. 1992 Working Manual for Gardeners, Lothan Books, Port Melbourne Note: A month-by-month guide to practical tasks to do in the garden

Lieth, Helmut (ed). Phenology and Seasonality Modelling, Chapman & Hall Ltd, London

Reid, Alan 1995 Banksias and Bilbies: Seasons of Australia, Gould League of VictoriaSeale, Allan. 1991 Gardener's Calendar, Treasure Press Australia

Smith, M. 1994 Bush Mates: A guide to the wildlife of Nelson Bay Self-published.

White, G. 1994 The Natural History and Antiquities of Selbourne Folio Society, London

Specialised reports on flora and fauna

Morris, A. K. Editor 2002 Central Coast Bird Report for 1999, Central Coast Group, Birding NSW

Payne, R. 1993 A Proposal for the Protection of Rainforest Remnants in the Gosford & Wyong Areas, NSW National Parks Association, Sydney

Bushwalking guides

Blomfield, J. Hawkesbury to Hunter – Coastal Walking Publisher Killcare Wagstaffe Trust

Collier, B. 2000 Discovering the Central Coast Envirobook Annandale

Daly, J. & L. Take a Walk in a National Park – Sydney to Port Macquarie RRP $25

Elder, B. 1993 Day Trips Around Sydney, A daytrippers Guide to 200 km Around Sydney Lothian Publication Company, Victoria

Fairley, A. 1974 Along the Track – A Guide to Bushland around Sydney

Levis, C. & Savage, C. 2001 4WD Tracks Close to Sydney Boiling Billy Publications Marrickville