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Water testing equipment

View these products (with the exception of the Chemets) on the Vendart website.

Green - low cost water monitoring kit

(LaMotte Code 5886)

Simple tests for coliform bacteria, dissolved oxygen, Biological Oxygen Demand, pH, phosphate, nitrate, turbidity and temperature. There is sufficient reagent for 10 of the chemical tests and 3 coliform tests.

Price: $66.00

Ph:02 9679 1139


Measures salinity (as %)

Price: approximately $170

TDS metre

Measures water salinity (ppm or ppt)

Price: approximately $140.00

Turbidity tube

For measuring dirt in the water

Price: approximately $50.00

Senior waterwatch kits

A more accurate method of testing.

See codes 00259 and 00256 on Vendart website

Price: approximately $3300 depending on inclusions

Junior waterwatch kits

Only contains equipment for simple tests such as turbidity, pH, Temperature, salinity, flow rate.

Price: approximately $600.00

Chemets kits

Simple tests using ampules for sampling and colour scales.

These kits are available for dissolved oxygen(K-7512), phosphates(K-8510) and ammonia(K-1510).

Approximately $130.00 for each kit and $55.00 for 30 refills.

Water Test Systemss

Ph: 02 97985451

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