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Stage 3

Our environmental centre offers a number of programs for Stage 3 students to learn and understand their natural environment.


Program Overview

The Student Leadership program provides an opportunity for students to learn leadership skills through a range of activities designed to encourage teamwork, communication, problem solving and leadership. The day can be run at Kincumba Mountain or Avoca Lagoon depending on whether your schools prefer to do kayaking or a bushwalk as the optional activity.

 Students will go on a bushwalk in Kincumber Mountain reserve to explore the forest environment and view a unique Aboriginal site.

Kayak- Aquafun Avoca will provide Kayaks and run team games such as a treasure hunt for rubber ducks hidden on the lagoon and team races. This option costs an extra $12 per student (minimum 20 students).

Download the Stage 3 Student Leadership PDF for more info on the program.

Factors that shape places: Stage 3 Geography

Program overview

The geography inquiry process will be used to investigate how people have changed the natural environment at Katandra Reserve. Different vegetation types will be observed on a bushwalk that leads to a rainforest. Students will formulate ideas for managing the reserve in the future.

Download the Stage 3 Geography Factors That Shape Places PDF for more information on the program. 

Our School, Our Place: Stage 3 Science (Incursion at your school or local area) 

Program Overview

Students will engage in a local fieldwork study and conduct scientific investigations on local biodiversity and water quality (dependant on site). They will examine how the environmental conditions affect growth, adaptations and survival of living things, by collecting and analysing data to communicate their investigation.

Download the Our School, Our Place Stage 3  file for more information on the program.

Bright Sparks Energy Trailer: Stage 3 Science

Program Overview

When the 'Bright Sparks' energy trailer comes to school students go on a journey through the scientific discoveries that sparked the industrial revolution and our current dependence on fossil fuelled electricity.

Student scientists use a variety of resources and materials to investigate, design and measure energy alternative energy sources such as solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, solar thermal power. Students will have a greater understanding about the importance of renewable and energy saving systems for a sustainable future.

Download the Bright sparks Stage 3 (PDF 807KB) file for more information on the program.

You may find and watch a one minute video about the Bright Sparks Energy Trailer below. 

Download the Bright sparks energy trailer video transcript (PDF 298KB) for a written copy of the spoken content in this video.

Nature documentary: Stage 2 and 3 English/Science

Program overview

Get ready to become the next David Attenborough. Nature documentary is an amazing literacy-focused program that introduces students to documentary making using iPads (provided by Rumbalara).

Students collaborate as filmmakers and become cinematographers, presenters and directors to create their own documentary focusing on the biodiversity of living things found in their school grounds or local environment.

Download the Nature documentary Stage 2 and 3 (PDF 1013KB) file for more information on the program.